Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Hunt

This is a painting I did for the Master and Servant 2D challenge quiet a while ago. The painting got the 3rd prize and I won all analog gnomon training DVD's I mentioned earlier in my blog. I worked 3weeks on this painting and I'm really happy how it turned out.

The story:
In a land before time only the greatest hunters of the Gorgoth tribe were able to ride trolls. To gain the highest rank of their caste they had to engage one of those savage beasts in a bold fight and cut of its horns. By doing this they broke the troll's pride and thereby became the master of it.

Here you can see the first hunt the young master hunter Tholz does on his recently tamed troll. They have been roaming the the coppice all morning, when Tholz suddenly spots a deer herd grazing on a clearing. Avidly he gives the command to attack the deer, pulls the reins and draws a spear from his quiver. The troll obeys his masters order and rushes forward. The ground trembles under the heavy steps of the troll and the deer scatter in all directions trying to escape the danger. The master hunter picks an especially chunky one from the herd and commands his troll to go after it. Although the deer is quite fast the troll easily manages to catch up with it after a few seconds.
Tholz raises his stance and prepares for his throw, trying to get a steady aim on the deer. But suddenly the troll alters cause. It spotted a small white rabbit bounding happily through the forest.
'ARRRR' Tholz pulls the reins and screams: 'THE DEER YOU FOOL! GO FOR THE DEER!'


E m m a n u e l l e . W a l k e r said...

You are such a wonderful painter!!

Goro said...

Thanks for your compliment! It's very much appreciated!

Gulzar said...

Wow!Now I feel like working with you...n learning all from you...
honestly! Really good work...
keep it up! I'm honoured just by looking at your works...

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