Sunday, December 18, 2005

Traffic Light with Countdown ^^

Christmas is near and Hamburg down town is full of people. I went christmas shopping with a friend of mine on friday....damn we walked a lot. My feet still hurt.
In down town at the subwaystation 'Gaensemarkt' in Hamburg, we have a traffic light with a countdown. You can see how long you will have to wait until you can cross the road. I talked to a friend about this, and we thought this feature is completely useless...but I realized when I crossed this road yesterday that you can see the countdown display from a greater distance. So you can adjust your walking speed to the countdown and you won't have to stop walking when you cross the road. ^^
I think it's not necessary to spend thousands of dollars for this little installation (which they did) but it was fun playing with the timing...

Anyways, I went on working on my animation. (still animating...)
So nothing special going on this weekend. But I just painted a little fanart of King Kong.
Time to go to bed...


Stephen said...

nice sketch! yeah - a lot of imagery from that film stuck in my head. especially the sliding about on the ice.


Chhuy-Ing said...

The general atmosphere in your picture 's good. Peter Jackson's King Kong isn't bad either ;)

Yaxin said...

hi, Goro... gorgeous illustrtion,
beautifull light.... :)
by the way, I'm also located in Hamburg... A SPanishman in Hamhurg

Goro said...

thnx all!

Yacin, que bien! Quizas podemos encontrarnos una vez que piensas? Podria mejorar mi espanol ;)
Hasta pronto

TonyC. said...

I love this.

Gerald said...

This is just wonderful! Your sketches are great all around.

kcirbuk said...


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