Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"Roger The Cat" (alternative Music version)

"Roger the Cat" is a short film I did in the 3rd Term back in Filmschool within 4 days. I didn't sleep much in those 4 days but it was really fun creating this short. With this film I won the 3rd prize at the Interfilm Going Underground Festival 2005 in Berlin. I recently recieved a new version of this short from the German Film School with new music that we have no trouble with copyright problems anymore. Until now we could submit the short to festivals only without sound, cause I used the Titlesong of Pink Panther. The new musik is different but pretty good as well.

Click on the image below to see the movie


Hans said...

Fun idea and good surprise ending. Love your photoshop layouts. Trying to get into painting with PS myself, so I can put some color on my stuff.

Keep up the good work ;)


Hammy said...

Haha, that was so cute! I like the ending as well, the cat has a really cute design that I liked a lot!

john said...

4 days? Was that for the animation only?
Nice work.

Alina Chau said...

this is sooo funny!! AWESOME!

Gulzar said...

wow!thats had you done the model before, or was inclusive of the four day project?

I agree with Hans, a very surprised ending...

keep it up :)


Goro said...

Thnx for your kind words.
The Only thing I had prepared was the storyboard.

4 Days including:
Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing and Sound.

eendar said...

It is a great animation!!! I love it, so funny :D I have four cats an I see a representation of all of them in your kitty :D

Magpie said...

That's awesome!! Totally reminded me of my kitty, especially the booty shake before he pounced. :) Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff! Really funny! I really enjoyed!
Keep going!

REE said...

congrats on finishing!

Robin Hall said...

I absolutly loved the ending! Very unexpected, haha.

And great job getting that done in four days, I think you deserve quite a pat on the back for that!

Queen Tut said...

That is just toooooo funny! Love it! thanks for sharing.

the doodlers said...

good work! Good character. Nice music too. You must be pleased.

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