Thursday, June 29, 2006


Can't wait for the Germany vs Argentina match tomorrow!!


Gerald said...

Sweet illo...yeah, it's been World-Cup crazy here at work. We have a TV set in the back of one of our conference rooms. I can't believe it was actually approved by our CEO? ahhaahah.

Justin Ridge said...

Nice illustration!

St John Street said...

Just so beautiful !!!

Bruno Werneck said...

nice painting man. enjoy the world cup! :)

James Dylan said...

fantastic work.. great blog.

REE said...

sweet piece my man....nice traditional feel to it. wish i could comment on the world cup...but me no watchee. :D

Smook said...

Beautiful painting. I admire anyone who can paint!

Alina Chau said...

WOW!! WOW!! Beautiful painting!! Did you really stay up till 5 am?

the doodlers said...

Oh, nice mood. Fine composition. You look like you have an ease in the painting. Very rapid, no? Cheers,


Jafar said...

Breathtaking work...I was back to have another look at your totoro painting....but I'm really amazed seeing so much more new and incredible artwork here! Cant help falling in love with it! BTW your totoro painting is on my desktop, hope you would'nt mind!


PaulSketch said...

this is seriously awesome!!! WOW. I gotta come visit your blog a lot

Goro said...

Thnx for your kind comments everyone!

Sounds like fun!
Germany is going crazy over here. Everyone is celebrating!

hehe If you'd be here you wouldn't have any chance not to watch the world cup ^^

It happens sometime ^^v

I try to paint as fast. Usually around an hour for a painting.

Glad you like the totoro pic. Thnx!

Pablo Hernández Delgado said...

+ nice painting! and good work here!

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