Saturday, July 22, 2006


Yesterday I went with my buddies to a lake in Karlsruhe. I was sitting in my car with Felix stuck in a traffic jam when he realized that the licence plate of the car in front of us was "NAM245". NAM is the internet nickname of Felix but the more surprising thing was that 24.5. is his birthday....coincidence?
I quickly took a picture with my cellphone.

After two hours we arrived at the lake. It was a beautiful place and the water was perfect...just the right temperature. We went swimming until 1am.
campfire and had BBQ included ^^v

I just love lightpainting. 5 diffrent people with 5 different light colors.

It was a wonderful day. We came home at 4am...


maoniu said...

hola goro! schön, dass es dir gut zu gehen scheint. super lightpaintings habt ihr da gemacht!

Alina Chau said...

Those light paintings rock!!

Jawn Lim said...

Like what Alina said, YOU ROCK! They are a great way to sketch. I have tried to do this before but could never break the line. You know what I mean? I usually end up with a continuous lines (like Frank Gehry's sketches). How do you have breaks and start a new line? Do you turn the torch light away from the camera? THANKS!

Goro said...

Well it's pretty simple. I switch the light on and off. I have always my thumb on the button of the flash light while painting.

Anonymous said...

Your your work is mind buggling...your paintings are out of this world're a freak...How do you do light painting?

Goro said...

Look at the first lightpainting post. There is a instruction how I do it.

Jawn Lim said...

by the way, found this online. Thought it might be right up your alley!

Goro said...

yeah saw that. Those guys are amazing!

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