Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Hi found some time to paint a more detailed picture. This is actually a remake of an old speedpaint of mine. I painted right over my old painting.
Click here to see my initial speed painting.


Martin Wittig said...

I can't believe that i am the first one to comment on this. This is so DAMN GOOD! I love the color, composition and mood that you captured here!BRAVO!!:)

Martin Wittig said...

I am gona add you to my links if it's ok?

Jarrett said...

Wow, you're talented. This work is so good I need to make up a new word for it... how about, Scrumptulescent. Seriously though, you're awesome.

pollardscrapbook said...

I just came across your painting Guardians from Google, and I would love to buy it. Do you still have the original or could you make another?
Thank you,