Thursday, August 03, 2006

King Kong

Another King Kong fanart.
Need to see the movie again.


KaRLa said...

waw!! you are a super great artist i love all your works, you are really an inspiration

Clio said...

Nice! So misty and humid.

Hans said...

Great composition and mood. Can almost feel the mist and humidity! How long does it take you to do one of these?

Great work, kannst du ein nettes Wochenende haben......sorry, that's the best I can do!!!;)


Goro said...


usually 1-2 hours
This one took 1hour and 15min
Hehe your german is great;)

ken said...

wow, this pic and the one below are great! the king kong one has so much atmosphere, really like that. cool work mate

david maas said...

I think the correct expression is "boh, eh!" (However you spell it.) Great mood.

maoniu said...

hey goro, wir haben heute endlich den boat-trip auf der alster gemacht! war super, aber ohne dich nur halb so schön... guck mal die bilder sind schon online:

James Barnes said...

Great work here, a sharp style... By the way, I happened upon a bunch of your former works somehow, and was curious enough to check out your website. I enjoyed looking through your sketches. ~ James

Alina Chau said...

Woooooo ... AWESOME!! Love the mood!

TURCIOS said...

Wonderful illustrations.!!!
un embrace/

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