Monday, August 28, 2006

Magic Crystal


Bill said...

what, those are serious. Especially like the knight. That's crazy.

REE said...

the illness continues.

trementina said...

Pero son una pasada, com consigues esto con photoshop??
Porque el anterior a este lo veo imposible de hacer.
Me gustan mucho.

Bobby Chiu said...

Oooooo awesome stuff Goro! I really like the mood you have

Martin Hsu said...

wow i really dig this piece.. great lighting.. it's amazing

martin wittig said...


Goro said...

Thnx guys!

Gracias! Me encanta que te gusta. Yo lo pinto en photoshop con wacom tablet.

Darryl Young said...

Man, so much cool stuff up here! Another beauty!

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