Monday, September 04, 2006


An after work elf sketch

I went with my buddies Felix and Ellen to Bad Homburg last weekend. There is an event called "Laternenfest" every year, where you drink until death ^^.
Fortunately I survived and met some friends back from Filmschool. It was a fun weekend.


Martin Wittig said...

What a beautiful piece! --I added you to my links:)

Unknown said...

WOW!! Been busy lately ... didn't check out your blog for a while, almost miss all these amazing paintings!! GREAT WORKS!

mamú said...

Some fine new sketches, very varying in style. Nice that you give those speedpaints a level-up.

trementina said...

Me quedo con el hada que me gusta más que la chica.
Supongo que todo lo que haces lo sacas de tu imaginación, pero me habré explicado mal, era saber si luego con los dibujos vas a hacer alguna historia o comic?.

blabla said...

Thnx guys!

Si todo es mi imaginacion, creo que no voy a ather una historia o comic.

Jennifer said...

Wow! I am in awe of this painting.