Saturday, November 18, 2006

Space Port

Inspired by Vyle.


davidmaas said...

Love this one. Leaving it to those curved forms to communicate alien architecture - or alien modern. Great!

Anonymous said...

Wow..what an awesome piece. I'm really loving your cg painting style. Cant wait to come back and see more:)

Laura Braga said...

Hi Goro!!!
I jumped on your blog....and Wow...what a great illustrations and amazing blog!!!
I like alien architecture and I wish I coud use cg like you!!!!

sorry for my bad english...he-he-he!!!


Maki said...

Thank you very much for your nice words on my blog!! I'm learning a lot from your art work. So it was super nice to hear from you.

Your drawing always have beautiful technique and nice warm feeling and story. I think that's great!! Very important for me anyways...

Thanks again:)