Saturday, November 18, 2006


Tried to paint as fast as possible. Took me around 15min.


Clive said...

Wow. 15 minutes; thats lovely. In my first 15 minutes I turn on my computer, sit down, stretch my legs, fart, watch the computer boot up and whack it a couple of times to speed it up, yawn, sneeze, blow nose, pick it, stretch my fingers, scratch my butt and adjust my nether regions, belch, and stare aimlessly at an object on my desktop. Now I'm ready to spend an hour doing half as much as you've done. Lovely inspirational stuff on posts above and below as always.

Goro said...

hehe thnx! I had a good laugh ^^

potato farm girl said...

Ahhhh! Must print this out for me wall!

This Girl said...

o.O 15 minutes? That would take me days..
I swear, from this point on you're my rolemodel.

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