Friday, February 09, 2007


uf...sorry for the lag of posts. I wish I could do more paintings but I'm super busy at work. My buddy Stephan came to help us out at work a couple of weeks ago. But he'll leave next week...damn...anyways check out his artwork he is very talented!

Gonna watch Rocky Balboa tonight ^^
Have a nice weekend y'all!


Gerald said...

Great mood and lighting in this one.

Shaa said...

Mr Balboa rocks :D anyway that's a lovely pic

mamĂș said...

i like this one =)

very catching atmo and nice shadow-play

Maki said...

Beautiful and natural lighting!
And sweet detail on the right wall:)

Goro said...

thnx guys!

Balboa rocked ^^

Marcos Mateu said...

Very nice color!

Moro Rogers said...

Yeah, very beautiful! The sunlight looks so real.

joto said...

This is really really good. I love cats and enjoyed this post.

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