Sunday, April 22, 2007



dintoons said...

amazing sketches!! :O
inspiring! :)

Adam Ford said...

Wow! I am really impressed with your work! I came went I saw your avatar on someone elses comments and I was so impressed with the first page that I had to go through all of your posts

Alina Chau said...

fun drawings!! love the expression and your characters always have the cutest button nose!! :)

Laura Roigé - ShirKa _. said...

Oh! i like a lots your blog!!
congratulations for your work. It´s cool^^

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I like the one which has your avatar on her T-Shirt !! :) Neat work !!

mamĂș said...

very nice sketchwork, ma man =)
i like especially the hair of the brunette to the left ^^

LauraBraga said...

hi Goro!
long time i didn't come visit your blog!
i really like these last pics!!!
you have great expressions on your girls!!!!!
my compliments!!


ryan said...

these are great sketches

the girl at the bottom is my favorite

marcobucci said...

real nice expressions and body language!

benjatoon! said...

really cool sketches goro! see ya! benja!

Psycho Dude said...

Nice sketches, looking sweet :D

Maxetormer said...

You sure know your stuff,
I'm glad I found your work ;)

ken said...

dude, i love your work

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