Monday, June 11, 2007

Spot The Fake Smile

I stumbled upon this link this morning. It's an interesting test about real and fake smiles. You get to see 20 short clips of people smiling into the camera. Then you have to tell if it's a real or a fake smile. You can watch each clip only once.

If you're animating characters it's always important to think about 'fake' or 'real'. You have to be able to animate both. But what makes the difference between those two smiles...? Go do the test ;)

Spot The Fake Smile

And don't forget to tell me your score. ^^v
I got 18 out of 20
I guessed those wrong...


Anonymous said...

I got 11/20... I'm bad at reading people.

By the way, I am subscribed to your blog. :) I love your artworks.

davidmaas said...

All the ones I missed were authentics... but the way some just stop at the end of the clip and revert to some "piss-off-and-give-me-my-guinea-pig-money" expression got me. Cool test. You'll have to show Volker...

Aurore Tribal said...

hello ^^ cool test ye
i got 18/20 like you ^^
i failed guessing a genuine and a fake smile (actually they had weird smile ovO)
indeed i look at the eyes, to know if is genuine or fake, but sometimes people smile strange ^^

ps: i read your blog thanks the ArtDojo Artist Blogs' feed ;) cool artwork, colleague !

Anonymous said...

got 14/20
pretty hard thou

aintshakespeare said...

I tried to judge by the way they ended their smile, which, according to the write up at the end, is no help at all. Well, it's helpful 70% of the time.

Mike Mac said...


fantastic artwork too!

blabla said...

Great! Thnx for posting the results.

I just heard that Volker had 19/20!!

Rebecca said...

I scored 18/20. Misjudged number 3 and 17..

Viola Baier said...

I guess I'm also not that good. 11/20... shame on me, I thought the most of em were genuine... I'm a little bit credulous I think.. ;)
Well, I like being optimistic, though! ;)

darkdarling said...

Have I been too pessimistic on people?
Hard to believe who's smile is genuine though. Poor me.

Anonymous said...

got 18/20. it was kinda easy to tell some of them.the cheeks and eyes were kinda a give away.

Anonymous said...

i got 16 correct. the way people end their smiles holds the answer..this applies everywhere anywhere anytime & to anybody