Thursday, January 17, 2008

DS Animanatee is fun!

There are many awesome coders out there programming stuff for the Nintendo DS.
I mentioned the amazing painting tool "Colors" earlier.
I recently stumbled upon an animation software called "Animanatee". It's simple, superfast and very user friendly. It supports even multiple undo and one onionskin layer. Perfect for straight forward animation in the subway. ^^
There is another animation software called "FlickBook" but I didn't like the user interface. It was a bit too complicated but it has more functions though.
Anyways both have even an avi file exporter! How cool is that!? Here is a lil' walkcycle I animated with animanatee. If you own a DS....Animanatee is a must have! ^^v


Atsushi said...

cool! i've tried flickbook myself a while back, but i didn't like it that much either. animanatee looks promissing. ill give it a try!

Ayman Alagouza said...

Goro my friend...i cant thank u 2d animation runs in my blood!!!
please keep us informed when u stumble upon more exciting additions to the DS..thanks bro

dekutree64 said...

Holy cow, what a coincidence.

So my brother was saying that he wanted to watch Nightmare Before Christmas since he hadn't seen it in a long time. I said I didn't like the characters in it, but Corpse Bride looked like it might be good.
Then I googled Corpse Bride and clicked one of the image results and it took me here...and right at the top is a post about my own animation program? Planets must have aligned or something.

But while I'm here I can say, thanks for the kind words. Glad you like it, and I love the little mouse animation :)

Goro said...

haha how cool is that!? could you include a gif exporter as well? That would be so awesome ;) I'll send you an e-mail later with some ideas! Would be cool if you can include them.

Matt Berger said...

sweetness. why do you make me want to get a DS now. keep up the good work. so inspirational! :D i tell everyone about your speedpaint blog tutorial post. it's awesome. ;[]

Ayman Alagouza said...

Hey Goro..I tried Animatee myself
heres the link hope u like it :)

Ayman Alagouza said...

sorry, heres the link:

Hayungs said...

Yeah! That's perfect for me :-D

stickman said...

very cool. Makes me want a DS too!

Anonymous said...

Watch my animanatee vids at

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Hey, thanks for that post! Have you checked out Looks very promising, but there is not release set for it...

I'm totally new to homebrew stuff on the DS and would like to know what components you need in order to install the programm.

Can you leave a comment on here or email me about that? I'd really appreciate it!


Hideyoshi said...

hey Goro!
So you found Animanatee as well, huh? Great prog, I agree! the DS is turning into one hell of a handheld! :)

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Nevermind, I did some research and got everything to work. Animanatee is indeed awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Watch my vids on youtube (search for komalrs) all vids made entirely on NDS with "animanatee except for the sounds :). And i agree animantee is lot fun to work in.

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