Saturday, January 05, 2008

First painting with Cintiq 12WX

I just couldn't resist when I saw the new wacom Cintiq 12WX. The board was delivered today...and wow!!! I already fell in love with this piece. The size is just perfect and the painting feel is awesome. I tried the older cintiq models a couple of times but I never had a chance to get used to them. After doodling around about an hour it actually felt like drawing on paper...what a fantastic tool!

So here is my first painting on my brand-new 12WX ^^v


Anonymous said...

The new wacom tablet looks amazing, wish I had one.
Two questions: I've heard that the older cintiq models had the feeling of space between the pen and where you were drawing (you know you felt like you were drawing 1 cm above the picture). Is this problem solved with 12WX model?
Also is there any lag?


blabla said...

The feeling of space is still there. But you get used to it very quickly. It's like 1 or 2mm. If you move your pen very quickly the curser is a bit slower but that doesn't matter either. But I guess you need an hour to get used to the feel. But's just awesome!

Erik Collinder said...

Wow! I want one of those so bad! I'm glad to hear that the spacing and lag are just small problems. To bad my wallet aren't full enough yet.
Anyway, so awesome! I like that painting a lot to!
One simple question thou… Does that tablet feel to small? Not compared to the other cintiq's, just your opinion. Do you sometimes, when you paint, feel like you miss a little bit of space?


blabla said...

Thnx Erik,
Well I'm pretty used to work on a smaller screen so for me the "12 wacom is apsolutely ok. As long as you can zoom in your canvas I see no problem with the size. I felt very comfortable while painting this piece.

Erik Collinder said...

Wonderful! zooming in and zooming out is not a problem. So everything
is great then! Thanks for your reply. I love that painting btw!

Unknown said...

nice one Goro! Sweet giraffe!!

Alexei Martins said...

Cool!!!!AWESOME first painting with 12WX! nice giraffe design!

Happy new year!

Mark Behm said...

Sweet, man. Love that giraffe. Congrats on your new toy! My 6 year old tabletPC is dying. Must resist purchase. Must..*grk*...RESIST!

Have you used the screen switching button? Is that fast enough to be practical? I like the idea of using one tablet for palettes and such. Or even painting on my second monitor for when I don't want my hand covering things up.

blabla said...

Thanks guys!

I'm using the tablet as a single screen. Don't know if it's fast...sorry ^^;

Nathan Lindsay said...

this is great. I love the boxy design of the giraffe's body.

Gerald de Dios said...

I've been debating between the Cintiq 12WX or the Modbook from Axiotron?! This looks very enticing. I'm back to square 1....I don't know which to pick?! But your illustration ROCKS! Colors are great!

Unknown said...

Nice work man.

I too am agonizing over the 12WX vs the 21UX. Have you ever tried a 21UX? I tend to draw/sketch on small pads anyhow but obviously I'm paranoid the 12WX will feel too small or limited somehow for me. Here's the kind of stuff I'd do with it []. Right now I use the dreaded Intuos 2 setup :(