Thursday, May 01, 2008


The weather was perfect! Blue sky and we finally rent a car for a week and drove straight to the Blue Mountains. The car is pretty comfortable. It's a hyundai but I had to get used to driving on the left side of the road....everything is mirrored and changing gears with the left hand is quiet difficult. And when I turn...I always turn on the wipers first! ^^;

We parked our car in Blackheath and went for a pretty long and exhausting walk from Govetts Leap Lookout to Evans Lookout and all the way back. Other than in the city it was very cold up in the mountains. Thank god that we took some warm clothes with us. In the night the temperature was even below zero.

The air was fresh and view was overwhelming. Since we wanted to continue our tour to the Jenolan Caves, we decided to stay over night in Blackheath in a motel. And damn it! My room was so cold....I suffered through the night T.T

The next morning we drove to the Pulpit Rock Lookout which was the most spectacular one of the three we have seen.

and here are two of my favorite pictures I took on our way.

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Adameth said...

OMG! The little crab!!! xD that's a cute pic.