Monday, May 05, 2008

Taronga Zoo

We went to the Taronga Zoo on Saturday. It's an amazing zoo but unfortunately we arrived a little late that we had only 3 hours to walk around and we missed a couple of animals. But the weather was great and we had really close looks at the animals.
Picture time! ^^

And another great view to the beautiful Sydney skyline.

Later that evening we went to a birthday party of a friend of manuel's. We had a great time. Today is Sunday and since we were pretty exhausted from all the trips we've done during the week, we decided to stay at home doing nothing. Mimi cooked super delicious dinner (as usual) and we watched a weird but funny movie called 'The Heartbreak Kid' afterwards. Off to bed...


Anonymous said...

Hey Goro,

had a lazy morning at work today so
I caught up on your vacation blog.
Some very nice photos there, looks
like you are having a great time.
Enjoy your stay and say hello to


Unknown said...

beautiful photos!

robirobi said...

Schoene Fotos!
Was fuer eine Kamera (und Objektive) hast du?

blabla said...

Nikon D70 mit 70 und 200mm objektiv