Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This was my very first pumpkin carving experience. I had a lot of fun creating this little fella.

Work in progress steps ^^

Also today I went with my colleagues to the Children Hospital do draw for the kids.
The Children were excited and they had lots of requests like: Batman, Spiderman, Hulk, Dora, Naruto etc. Thank god we printed out some cheat sheets. Otherwise I would have been in trouble ^^;
I really enjoyed spending time with the kids.


RAWLS said...

hahah... I love his teeth!

william said...
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william said...

Your talent and creativity makes me sick to my stomach. Your work is inspiring and you've played a huge role in my focusing energy and free time on art and other things I'm passionate about.

Fossfor said...

wow ,this is great! and I love your i phone sketches,they make me want to get one of the darn things ;)

Alina Chau said...


Gerald said...

Now, those are choppers!!! I like how it turned out. Good job. I experienced my first pumpkin carving contest at work. I only had 45 minutes to whip something up. How long did that take you (from concept to final)? Thanks.

Goro said...

Thanks All!

Took me about 2 hours and a half.

Gerald said...

Whoa!!!! It's no wonder your pumpkin carving turned out awesome.

mamú said...

die zähne sind ne geile idee, schöner kürbis. in Berlin glauben ja einige wir habe nHalloween als Feiertag, nicht Allerheiligen. hehe

Tim Heitz said...

Awesome Pumpkin Goro!

I love how it looks when it's lit up.

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