Saturday, February 07, 2009


I did this yesterday evening. When I was 99% done my photoshop crashed with an error message and of course I haven't saved cause it was just a speed doodle....I was upset cause I kind of liked how it turned out. So the only thing I could do is to take a screenshot of the little thumbnail in the photoshop navigator and blow it up and paint over it again. That's what I did... ^^


munchy365 said...

that always used to happen to me with flash, so i got all paranoid and now i save every time i change something...

Sarah Dungan said...

I hate it when that happens! Or a huge much worked file gets corrupt.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Nice stuff on yours :-)

RAWLS said...

I've often wondered why Adobe hasn't added an auto save feature into Photoshop yet, like in After FX. It's a complaint I hear quite often. Until then... Ctrl S it is!
Nice giant penguin though my friend! Great sketch.

Anonymous said...

Auto Save in Adobe would be nice. Great image. Love the textures.

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