Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Updated PS brushes

I just updated my Photoshop Brushes in the tutorials section of my website. I got rid of some old brushes and added a bunch of new ones. I try to keep the amount of brushes fairly low. Click here to download them directly.


swag said...

danke meister :)

Jeremy Elder said...

It looks like a text file. Am I doing something wrong when downloading? Thanks!

Goro said...

cant you just say "save target as" and download it?
It's working fine over here

SHOo said...

Thanks a lot for that. It will be fun to have a look at those!

Julia Lundman said...

Hi Goro! I loaded these today and messed around with them on my project at work. Great fun and really cool brushes! You made my day! Thanks for sharing.

Jeremy Elder said...

Workin' now. For some reason it was adding .abr and .txt to the file structure.Thanks!

David Cousens said...

Thanks very much for these brushes! I've been trying to make a good inking brush for a stupidly long time now,and after comparing yours I realised how close I was, I just needed to alter my diameter setting!

I'm sure to have lots of fun playing with the other brushes too!

Hope you have a great day,

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