Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Back to the roots. I painted this on my iphone on my way to Hawaii using "brushes".
All painted with the finger since I didn't have the pogo stylus with me.
I did punch the colors a bit with photoshop afterwards since the colors of the iphone didn't match with the colors on my computer monitor. I'll post the process video later.

here is the process video


Nori Tominaga said...

nice man. thanks for sharing

C├ędric Philippe said...

Sweet one Goro !

-you made my day :)-

Stephan Royer said...

Whaaat!? Good lord, this is awesome thank you so much for posting the video I've learned at least two things :D I love your lighting and forms as always

Alex K. Barton said...

Watching you work really helps me out in my own projects.As always you are amazing!!!

Tommaso said...

WOW! This is awesome! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

amo todos tus trabajos :)

nat from Argentina

Karma Police said...

WOW! Bellissima questa animazione, e bellissimi anche tutti i tuoi lavori! :) Complimenti!
P.S. Mi scuso per non aver scritto in inglese! Ma sono ignorante in materia! Sorry!

RAWLS said...

Great lighting my friend!!

El duderino said...

Excellent! Beautiful light
Wish your videos were not in flash so they are visible on ipad/iphone though, would make sense

jamie holmes said...

Very lively and nice.
Your colouering has great depth.

Gabby Zapata said...

amazing! I recently ordered my pogo-stylus and i'm experimenting with it on my iphone and it's a lot of fun. Great work and motivating :)!

seanmaximus said...

very skillfull:-)

Diogo Carneiro said...

Hello Goro! Wonderfull..
I have a question, how do you Record a video from your iphone screen? What app?

Thank You

Goro Fujita said...

It's not recorded from an iphone screen. The painting app brushes has the function that you can export a *.brushes file from your iphone to your mac. The brushes viewer app for the mac has the ability to playback and export the painting process as a movie file.

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