Friday, September 14, 2012

Light Effect

I recently attended another workshop of Camille Przewodek. This was maybe the 4th time I took her workshop. It's always inspiring to see her paint and hearing about her observations. She is a colorist and focuses on the Effect of Light.

This is just a little sketch I did this morning trying to apply what I learned in the past workshop.


Gio M. said...

Wow, really amazing. Is their a link to her workshop by any chance? Olympic spirit down below is really beautiful as well. Well, then again all your work is.

Kana said...

You did this in a morning??? Must be nice to be that skillful! I'm impressed.

And the lighting is quite expertly done - not overdone, but definitely warming.

Jonathan Chu said...

Wow she's an amazing painter! Thank you for sharing Goro, your painting is inspirational as always.

Alina Chau said...

so cute!

C├ęsar Rosolino Pasqualinotto said...

Goro fugita, could you please explain , some tutorial, or step by step what you done in this ilustration? by the way, lov your work, cya !

Bali Hotels - Booking Hotels Bali said...

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Mattia Nelli said...

Thank you so much for sharing that link! I've never heard of Camille Przewodek before, and I love her work.

Awesome illustration as usual also :)

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