Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A gif experiment...

Long time ago I've seen those gif animated pictures that create the illusion of 3D space by switching back and forth between the left and right eye perspective.

Today I tried to paint it...with a little help of 3D software to have a reference for the parallaxe. Definitely not easy. Next time I would just do everything in 3D...
But I guess it works...sort of... ^^


Elliot Boyette said...

Good first time try at it!

What breaks it are the things that don't adjust in perspective enough like the left hand and stuff like the highlight on the balloon. Everything's got to rotate correctly to make it super convincing.

It does work pretty well if you stare at his balloon hand.

Fabián Fucci said...

At least you got a pair of stereo images. You can try placing them side to side and see them with stereo red-blue glasses to recover the feeling of depth.

Cayle Ward said...

Yeah for ,e ita the head perspective... Also, im nit suure if ts my machine or what, but a little faster miight help.

Cayle Ward said...

Oh man sorry for the messy post, typing on my ipad.

Nevets said...

the trace back look makes it more fun

Alex Dukal said...

I found good results using a Depth map image, and using the Displace filter (Photoshop), it's pretty easy to do it!
Here's a nice and clear tuto:
and here my experiments:

Manas Brodas said...

what software do you use to convert to 3D?

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