Thursday, November 27, 2014

Penguins of Madagascar #2

Antarctica was quite a challenge. Here are some of my early designs of the set. I also did some effect design explorations for the glacier crumble effect when the DreamWorks logo gets revealed in the opening sequence. I created the effect using photoshop and after effects. The last image is a 3D model I created that I passed along to previz and modeling. I was happy to see that the down shot to the whaling ship was very close to the final version you can see in the movie.


Ivan Lugomer said...

Absolutely amazing stuff. Always inspiring to see your work ♥

SWATI DAS said...

this is really amazing

danja1306 said...

Outstanding! So at first there was some kind of Penguins City? How interesting! Also i really like the logo idea and think this opening is one of the most pretty among the other Dreamoworks ones/