Sunday, November 13, 2005


A friend told me about this tool. StumbleUpon is a browsing tool for finding Great websites dependent on your personal interests. After you Join you will be asked to select topics which interest to you. Nearly 500 topics are available.
When you install it, you get an extra navigation bar. And then you can simply click on the stumble button and StumbleUpon will take you to a random site. It's almost like watching TV and zapping though channels. You just stumble through different websites instead. Another great feature is that you can rate the sites you visit. You can rate any web page that you find on the internet – whether you "Stumbled Upon it" or found it through another method such as a seach engine. There are two choices for rating websites. 'I like it!' or 'Not-for-me'. Your opinion will be used with the ratings of other members to determine each site's relevance.

I just stumbled through several sites and I have to say it's really cool! I already bookmarked several great pages ^^.

Check it out! StumbleUpon

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