Friday, April 16, 2010

Little Friend

Wohoo my pogo stylus arrived and now it's even more fun to paint in Sketchbook Pro + iPad!
This one took a bit longer...around 3hours but super fun!


lindsey olivares said...

goroorror youre out of control

Mathieu Reynès said...

This one is awesome ! Great rendering.
I have a lot of fun using sketchbook pro with my finger but I guess it will be easier when I recieve my stylus.

Maco said...

Wow, it's awesome.

Alex K. Barton said...

I have been following your blog for a while, even before i had my own blog. I have watched the tutorials on your site and think your iPhone paintings and all around work in general is great. You are awesome.

Sincerely, Alex K. Barton

P.S - I love the panting above as do I like all your work. amazing!

P.S.S - I love the chromatic Grey on his foot It really looks reflective!

Ken said...


Fabian said...

3 hours!!!??? For me it would have been the entire day and i would not even get close to something as cool as yours!! A Perfect piece!! :)

Taylor Phillips said...

very nice. the lighting really sells it.

The Wrist said...

Oh man I love the light & shade u have created in this usual...lovely!

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