Tuesday, April 29, 2008

from Bondi to Maroubra

We didn't get a car today but tomorrow we certainly will ^^. I went to Bondi Beach with Manuel instead. It was a bit cold and windy but still awesome. We took the bus to Bondi and walked along the coast from beach to beach. Me at Bondi.

Even the wind was strong the waves weren't. But there were still some pacient young surfers.

I really love the color of the water...it always makes me want to jump in right away...so clear and beautiful...

And what would be a post without all those lovely animals I've seen on my way.

People who know Sydney might be able to imagine how far we walked today. From Bondi Beach straight to Maroubra Beach...
There are a couple of other beaches inbetween. That was a pretty long but exiting walk. (my feet hurt.... T.T)
Later this evening my fellow artist Min invited me for dinner. We had some delicious Thai food. I better go to bed now. Need to get up early tomorrow.
more to come!

Monday, April 28, 2008


Today was Sunday and Manuel, Mimi and I went to Manly a very beautiful part of Sydney. But first I want to show you the view from Manuel's balcony....awesome hugh?

So we went to Manly by ferry and had lunch at the beach.

After lunch we walked through the national park. Beautiful nature and we saw many lizards and pretty scary spiders... I took over a hundred photos today ^^;
Here is a best of.

An awesome view from the national park to the down town skyline!

Tomorrow we'll probably rent a car for a week to explore the areas around Sydney! Can't wait.

Aquarium & Wildlife World

I went to the Darling Harbour to visit the Aquarium and the Wildlife World. I loved it. I really need to go diving in the great barrier reef sometime...
Here are some pics.

Wildlife World

Saturday the weather was fantastic and I went to Maroubra Beach with my buddy Manuel. Many surfers and giant waves...when we entered the water the beach patrol asked us to come out because of dangerous current and high waves. The waves were indeed very high I've actually never seen such waves in life before. Awesome!
As we walked a bit further we found a nice rock pool where we could swim. We spent some time there. I loved it! Sorry no pics... T.T

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sydney Day 2

Since Manuel and Mimi had to work I called my buddy Adam (a fellow concept artist I know through online forums) to catch up with him in the city. It was raining very badly so we went to the art gallery and later to a nice cafe where Oyo (room mate of Adam) joined us. We spent some time there talking and sketching. Later they invited me to their place where we caught up with Manuel and my fellow artist Min. I'm now sitting in an internet cafe cause Manuel doesn't have internet at home x_x I think I'm going to check the aquarium today. More to come...

P.S. Until now I didn't find any free wireless access points...and internet is freakin' expensive in Sydney T.T

First Time Sydney

I have never been so far away from home. I'm now pretty much on the other side of the World. My buddy Manuel offered me his couch for my stay in australia. I'm really grateful for that.
Manuel picked me up early in the morning at SYD airport before he went to work. After resting a bit at his place, his wife Mimi took me straight to downtown. We went to the opera house and took a walk in the botanic gardens right next to it. And WOW...so many birds I've never seen before in wild life....just beautiful!

At a certain point Mimi told me to look up....At first I didn't see anything and suddenly....BAM...a whole bunch of bats hanging in the trees. I was totally freaked out. I mean...just look at that! 0_o;

I'm so looking forward to see more animals and australian nature! Next week Manuel Mimi and I will do some trips to places around Sydney. Can't wait....
I love this city already!

A Sign Of Life

Hello from Sydney! I decided to do some vacation since I haven't done that for the last 2 years. The flight takes about 22 hours from Germany. Since I don't enjoy flying that much I made a 4 day stop in Seoul (South Korea). (about 11hours to Seoul, about 11hours from Seoul to Sydney) Even it was a short stay I had a really great time. I met some really nice people walking around with them all day, doing a day trip to the north korean border, eating nice korean food, going to a korean hip-hop club and of course no lae bang in the night.

I rarely used the time so effectively. Many thanks to Seung-Hee, Animesh and Min. I had a great time!