Thursday, November 29, 2007


A lot is happening right now...the Deadline for the film I'm working on comes close and the whole team is working overtime. There is so much work left that I don't even know how we gonna make it (°_° ;) but it always works out somehow..right?

Sorry for the lag of updates...I'll be back with more after X'mas ^^. Tomorrow I'll fly over to Ludwigsburg to go to the Premiere of the short film 'Descendants' I've worked on the past year. I'm really excited and maybe I'll find some time to paint on my DS too. ^^
I'll be back on Sunday.

Today I recieved an e-mail that my painting 'CU-02 in Love' was awarded with the CGTalk Choice Award. Now that's cool \(^_^)/. The judging for the Challenge still takes a couple of weeks I guess...

meanwhile a DS doodle...

hmm what else...
I updated my blog links. Just added my fellow artist Heiko Hentschel. Go check out his amazing characters and drawings!

Enough of the bla bla ^^;
Need to pack my things for tomorrow. Lubu here I come!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Strange Beavior Challenge

That's it! The strange behavior challenge on cgsociety is over. It was an awesome challenge with many outstanding artists. I'm really curious about the judging.
The challege started on June 25 2007 and ended on November 15 2007. It was kind of hard to create this painting besides work. But fortunately I could finish my entry in time. I guess I worked about 3 weeks fulltime on this painting. The detailing took most of the time.

The title for my entry is 'CU-02 in Love'. It's about a cooking robot, who forgets about his work because of a beautiful white cat he fells in love with.
You can read the full story below.

I want to thank everybody who supported me during the challenge. m(_ _)m

So this is it! 'CU-02 in Love'

Monday, November 12, 2007


DS Painting with 'COLORS'

I recently found a link to an awesome tool for the Nintendo DS. Jens Andersson is the hero who coded this great painting tool 'COLORS'.

With 'COLORS' you can paint whenever and wherever you want.
Surprisingly, the DS touchscreen is even pressure sensitive so you have full control over the opacity of your brush.
Here are my first paint attempts with the DS.

Check out the amazing colors gallery. There are some incredible DS painters out there. You can even playback the painting process of each ds painting (not only on your ds but even online!!). Just click on the playback button at the bottom of each image page.
My fellow artist Sparth is getting nuts with his DS! Take a look at his awesome ds sketches...

This is a really great tool. It's fun to paint without layers and undo function. It really makes you focus on the colors and compositions. More DS speedies to come...( ^-^)/

Sunday, November 04, 2007

AIR Sphere

Fist of all, I wanna thank you all for your continuous support with all the nice comments. It's always a great pleasure to get feedback on your work and also very encouraging! So thank you, you guys rock! ^^

Maybe you remember that I did two 3D images for early this year. Ei-Bot and Sphere House.
If you want to post images on CGSphere you must obbey certain rules.
After finishing those two pieces above I had another spherical idea and started sketching it. A spheric shaped shoe.

Modeling it in 3D was pretty time consuming that I couldn't finish it for a long time because I was busy at work.
But last week I laid sick in bed because of a nasty virus infection and I wasn't able to go to work for a couple of days. But laying all day at home doing nothing made me crazy and I started working on the shoe again. There wasn't much left to do anyways. ^^ I'm glad that I managed to finish this piece. Often times I find it hard to get back to your unfinished work after a long break, and the file is rotting somewhere on your Hard Disk...
Fortunately this didn't happen ^^, this is the 'AIR Sphere'.

some detailed renderings...

and a breakdown of all objects I modeled.

And Finally the rendering I postet on

This was a fun little project and I learned a lot of new modeling techniques. Maybe I'll have another 'spherical' idea soon! ^^v