Sunday, November 04, 2007

AIR Sphere

Fist of all, I wanna thank you all for your continuous support with all the nice comments. It's always a great pleasure to get feedback on your work and also very encouraging! So thank you, you guys rock! ^^

Maybe you remember that I did two 3D images for early this year. Ei-Bot and Sphere House.
If you want to post images on CGSphere you must obbey certain rules.
After finishing those two pieces above I had another spherical idea and started sketching it. A spheric shaped shoe.

Modeling it in 3D was pretty time consuming that I couldn't finish it for a long time because I was busy at work.
But last week I laid sick in bed because of a nasty virus infection and I wasn't able to go to work for a couple of days. But laying all day at home doing nothing made me crazy and I started working on the shoe again. There wasn't much left to do anyways. ^^ I'm glad that I managed to finish this piece. Often times I find it hard to get back to your unfinished work after a long break, and the file is rotting somewhere on your Hard Disk...
Fortunately this didn't happen ^^, this is the 'AIR Sphere'.

some detailed renderings...

and a breakdown of all objects I modeled.

And Finally the rendering I postet on

This was a fun little project and I learned a lot of new modeling techniques. Maybe I'll have another 'spherical' idea soon! ^^v


Anonymous said...

Great idea, design and execution! I especially like how you handled the various details/parts of the shoe. Excellent!

davidmaas said...

Great detail.
Reminds me of those historic Chinese ladies' shoes for ... yeah, after they broke all the bones of the feet.
Yours looks less painful!

AJ Jefferies said...

That is excellent!

Finally, a shoe for Pac-man...


Alexei Martins said...

Cool!!!I want that!!

R.Dress said...

Very cool. Came out great!

TPY aka dinodog_jr said...

This is looking so awesome cool.

Hope nike will buy your idea for their next commercial..

Looking forward to your next sphere design.!

Adam Pennington said...

Time well spent. If only there was a market for round shoes. Closest thing I've seen to this was the Osiris D3's skate shoes. They were a huge hit for a while.

arran said...

wow. this is a very cool idea and your model looks great. nice job. :)