Saturday, March 25, 2006

@ Work Vol1

Well yeah...this is a picture of me at work ^^;. Wanted to write a bit about what I'm doing. I'm animating for TV commercials right now. Tough deadlines but my fellow animators are supercool and we have a lot of fun at work.
When I started, I had to switch from Maya to XSI and well, hehe...always confused the keyboard shortcuts. I know there is a Maya navigation included in XSI but I love to use the default navigation of each software. I'm afraid I will set a lot of keys when I switch back to Maya ^^.
Some people will know what I'm talking about.

The snow is gone for now and the weather was fantastic the last two days....a little cold though. This is a picture taken out of the window of our office. I'll stay here until the end of next week. Then I'll move to the south of Germany for a while.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Beautiful Day

yey! Found some time to paint. Still cold and I'm waiting for the sun....

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Random Stuff

When I came back from lunch I stopped by at a supermarket to buy some snacks next to the place where I work. And I found those awesome wasabi peas. I love em. Normally I could find them only in asia shops but they seem to sell them anywhere now. Really just have to be careful not to get addicted to them... ^^;

mmmmmm...delicious! ^^v

My fellow animator Jakob wanted me to show him some Origami. Here are two frogs and a red flower from the first origamilesson of Goro and Jakob.
He is a great apprentice! ^^

I put some new stuff in my online store! Check it out.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Busy and cold Days....

uf...I'm really tired today.
I'm very busy at work right now. No time to paint...
I animated like crazy the last two and a half days...2 characters 4seconds animation both characters with props and one with cloth simulation...I finished it in time but it was pretty tough.'s really cold in Hamburg right now...and yesterday we had -15 degrees...incredible, it's already march. Thank god I don't have to work outside ^^v
But they said in the news that it would get warmer this weekend.

Off to bed

Monday, March 13, 2006


We have a lot of snow right now...everything is white outside. And today was a sunny day. I want more days like these...

Friday, March 10, 2006

The Beauty Of Life

This is something from 2003...
The Beauty Of Life was our first 2D Short Film project back at the German Film School. I worked with 6 other students on this short.

The Story is about an ordinary farmer who paints the most important moments of his life.

The Team:
Moritz Bunk, Patrick Kreuser, Felix Graf, Marc Mueller, Sylvia Kratzsch, Christian Miletzki and myself.

Click on the Image below to see the film, or just Right Click and "save target as..." to download it.
It's in quicktime mov format. I would suggest to watch the film before going on reading this post.

We put quiet some time in the story and preproduction. When the production started we soon realized that it was far more work than we expected. We worked on this film for approximately one year.
Some shots were so complex that we worked about 8 hours for each frame.

Here are the modelsheets for the main character "Lars".
Marc and I worked closely together while developing the characters for this film. The first two modelsheets of the tiny Lars are designed by me.
The later stage Lars modelsheets are designed by Marc.

And here are the modelsheets for the Dog for the crayon and colored pencil stage. ^^

After talking carefully about each scene with Moritz (the director), Marc did storyboard thumbs for the crayon and colored pencil animation. With this visual feedback, Christian and Sylvia could start working on their shots.

For each drawing stlye we used different approaches.
The Crayon animation was created digitally in Corel Painter.
The Colored pencil and pencil animation was drawn traditional on paper.
The Watercolor animation was animated traditional and then colored frame by frame in painter to maintain the artistic look.
The Hands and the Final four shots were animated traditional and colored in Animo.

As you have noticed there are 3D camera movements in a couple of scenes. For those scenes Patrick previsualized the scenes in 3DSMAX using a low polygon environment with mannequins as stand in models for the characters. Then we printed out the whole camera movement and started animating the environment and characters using the printed 3d scene as reference.
These shots with the camera movements were the most complex shots. I remember when I did the pencil shot, where Lars and Allie are sitting in front of the campfire, I used more than four 5B pencils for the shading. It was also very thrilling when I started shading the characters cause I knew there will be no turning back and I had to consider the lighting for each frame.
Moritz did the background lines and coloring for those shots and he did an awesome but painful job. Both the background lineart and the coloring where very complex and he needed approximately 90minutes for each frame (including lines and coloring). And when you imagine that some shots where longer than 200 frames....wooo..I don't want to think about it again...
Also a big respect to Felix who did all of the "hand" animations.

Here are some awesome character designs of "Lars" by Marc

character design of "Allie" by me

character design of "Aaron" and "Jan" the two sons of Allie and Lars Keagan by Marc

character design of "Nellie" the little daughter by me

While Moritz composed the awesome Music for "The Beauty Of Life", I took care about the Sound and the credits.

And after one year of hard work...we finally finished this piece!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Live Action Simpsons

Finally Google Video works for Germany as well. I have to be careful not to get addicted to it. This is a Live Aktion Simpsons Intro! It's supercool you just have to check it out! Click on the image below to see the movie.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"Roger The Cat" (alternative Music version)

"Roger the Cat" is a short film I did in the 3rd Term back in Filmschool within 4 days. I didn't sleep much in those 4 days but it was really fun creating this short. With this film I won the 3rd prize at the Interfilm Going Underground Festival 2005 in Berlin. I recently recieved a new version of this short from the German Film School with new music that we have no trouble with copyright problems anymore. Until now we could submit the short to festivals only without sound, cause I used the Titlesong of Pink Panther. The new musik is different but pretty good as well.

Click on the image below to see the movie