Saturday, March 25, 2006

@ Work Vol1

Well yeah...this is a picture of me at work ^^;. Wanted to write a bit about what I'm doing. I'm animating for TV commercials right now. Tough deadlines but my fellow animators are supercool and we have a lot of fun at work.
When I started, I had to switch from Maya to XSI and well, hehe...always confused the keyboard shortcuts. I know there is a Maya navigation included in XSI but I love to use the default navigation of each software. I'm afraid I will set a lot of keys when I switch back to Maya ^^.
Some people will know what I'm talking about.

The snow is gone for now and the weather was fantastic the last two days....a little cold though. This is a picture taken out of the window of our office. I'll stay here until the end of next week. Then I'll move to the south of Germany for a while.


Rafa Toro said...

Hi! Beautiful Day and Mosquitos... like it a lot, is it painter or photoshop?

Unknown said...

Your job seems a lot of fun!! Always great to work with cool people!! I never use XSI before, but sometimes I need to switch from Maya to MAX ... it's tricky .... often use Maya commend in MAX by mistake. :P Totally hear you! :)

blabla said...

It's all photoshoped. I rarely use painter.

You know what I'm talking about ^^
The next job will be in XSI as well so no switching this time ;)

Carlos Ruano said...

Hey, you seems a funny guy, and your art is impressive.


Ist das nicht die Strasse vor Spans&Partner!

Rebecca Kimmel said...

Great picture, Goro, hilarious! It's always fun to visit your blog. ^^

Cheers, :)