Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Owl

I finished my entry for the "Strange Behavior Challenge" on CGSociety earlier this week. I'll post the result as soon as the challenge is over.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sijun Tiles

I recently participated in the sijun tiles game over at sijun forums. The official theme of this Sijun Tiles Game was "what may come..."

My Tile

The Rules of the Game (by Awetopsy):
1) There will be 25 tiles altogether. Each tile will be 320x240 pixels. This way when we sew it all together it will equal out to 1600x1200 wallpaper size which can be resized easily.

2) Tiles must be created based on the theme "What may come..."

3) Please keep the tiles content clean (no nudity/swearing/inappropriate imagery/defamation etc.)

4) Tiles will be sent out in the general order of who signs up in the thread unless specially requested otherwise.

5) After I receive the first tiles back I will send the next four with 15 pixel borders of the previously completed tiles. Your job will then be to blend your tile in with the border you are sent. Please be careful not to change any part of the 15 pixel border you receive as that is part of somebody else's tile.

6) I will host the entire project on my web server for everyone to see. Each tile will be posted in its original state. However I reserve the right to make minor adjustments to any tiles that don't quite line up with the edges of the tiles on its borders. But the main content of your tiles will be unaltered.

7) Each participant will have 48 hours, from the time they receive the tile, to complete it and send it back to me. If more time is needed you must let me know before the time runs out or your tile will be assigned to somebody else.

And now it's done!
The participants were (each row from left to right):

Destinatus :: seth1 :: the_insider :: Critical Pete :: Faeklone
Max :: bobthedinosaur :: Daryl :: Nag :: Tinush
Vahn :: ExonGep :: Samsonreaper :: Andro :: Mitsui (me)
3Nasty :: NeFF :: Hideyoshi :: ironwolf :: med
Nag :: J.edt :: Octavian :: fruity_loops :: Notic

It was a really fun game with many cool ideas. I'm looking forward for the next tiles game.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bunny Highschool

Strange Behavior Challenge is ending soon...and I'm almost finished with my entry. I guess I'll get it done by this weekend.

After work painting

It's getting cold in Germany....Winter comes.... T.T

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Just another sketchbook page...
As you can obviously see I recently watched Surf's Up. I liked the movie very much...The characters were fantastic and the environments and waves were like o_O;
I also liked the documentary style of story telling. Worked surprisingly nice. I'd say it's a must see!

Saturday, October 06, 2007


A lil sketch for the sijun comic thread...

I started to work at Pictorion Magma as a Character Animator about a month ago...damn time is moving fast. It's a nice little studio. My collegues are super nice and the working environment is great.
The Film I'm working on is called 'Way To The Stars' and will come to the theaters in winter 2008. Stay tuned!

Oh! By the way....the new Heroes season started two weeks ago, yey! Every week is now a torture cause you have to wait for the next episode...
For those of you who watch Heroes, check this out it's hilarious!!