Saturday, October 06, 2007


A lil sketch for the sijun comic thread...

I started to work at Pictorion Magma as a Character Animator about a month ago...damn time is moving fast. It's a nice little studio. My collegues are super nice and the working environment is great.
The Film I'm working on is called 'Way To The Stars' and will come to the theaters in winter 2008. Stay tuned!

Oh! By the way....the new Heroes season started two weeks ago, yey! Every week is now a torture cause you have to wait for the next episode...
For those of you who watch Heroes, check this out it's hilarious!!

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Laila Petersen-Jama said...

hey Tanks for the comment on my side, I see that you also join a sketching side with others, cool idea, ours is the chicks'n'chucks, there is also a link from my side.
Super nice posts you have. a bit different style then Iw seen for a while, Nice