Sunday, December 13, 2009

December entry for Travisty's Beard

Here is my December entry for Travisty's Beard. The topic for this is "New Year's Resolution".
Done in DigiCel Flipbook and After Effects.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Travisty's Beard Launched!

A couple of months ago I had a conversation with Kendal Cronkhite (Production Designer for Madagascar 1&2) and Shannon Jeffries (Art Director for Madagascar 1&2) about how we can share and improve our artistic skills outside of work. So we came up with an idea to create a collaborative blog with all artists from the Art Department here at PDI/DreamWorks to draw and paint to a certain topic that would be picked every month.

The Blog is called "Travisty's Beard"
Topic for november was "What's in Travisty's Beard"

Now follow the blog and spread the news! :)

This is my contribution
What's in Travisty's Beard?

A bunch of art addicted lice....