Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Busy and cold Days....

uf...I'm really tired today.
I'm very busy at work right now. No time to paint...
I animated like crazy the last two and a half days...2 characters 4seconds animation both characters with props and one with cloth simulation...I finished it in time but it was pretty tough.'s really cold in Hamburg right now...and yesterday we had -15 degrees...incredible, it's already march. Thank god I don't have to work outside ^^v
But they said in the news that it would get warmer this weekend.

Off to bed


Unknown said...

Busy is always good. Cold Im not much of a fan of either. ;) Always been a fan of your art and animation. Great blog man and lookin forward to the next post. Hopefully it gets warm soon ;)

Unknown said...

Get some rest Goro. Come back refreshed and ready to paint another day. I think i'm going to do the same

blabla said...

thnx man. Yeah...still cold T.T

thnx for the encouragement and I really like your new avatar ;)