Monday, November 12, 2007

DS Painting with 'COLORS'

I recently found a link to an awesome tool for the Nintendo DS. Jens Andersson is the hero who coded this great painting tool 'COLORS'.

With 'COLORS' you can paint whenever and wherever you want.
Surprisingly, the DS touchscreen is even pressure sensitive so you have full control over the opacity of your brush.
Here are my first paint attempts with the DS.

Check out the amazing colors gallery. There are some incredible DS painters out there. You can even playback the painting process of each ds painting (not only on your ds but even online!!). Just click on the playback button at the bottom of each image page.
My fellow artist Sparth is getting nuts with his DS! Take a look at his awesome ds sketches...

This is a really great tool. It's fun to paint without layers and undo function. It really makes you focus on the colors and compositions. More DS speedies to come...( ^-^)/


Alexei Martins said...

Oh god!That's amazing!!now I really want a DS!!!Cool paintings!!love the girl with the robot!post more please!!


Unknown said...

ahhh its soo coool
the perfect tool :P

ive been trying to get it to work for the past 2hrs :(
how do u get homebrew working?
im so confused~~

blabla said...

hehe thnx!

Hmmm I don't know if I can help...I just bought a microsd adapter for the ds (M3 adapter) and just copied the files on the card. That's all I did and it worked.

Unknown said...

ahhh u have the m3 thats why :P
i use a supercard lite :(

anyways :) i got it to work after figuring out i need the patch the game with a driver O.o

thanks again! love the stuff u've done :D

Lou Holsten said...

Fantastics paintings you managed to do on the DS! I actually just bought a DS a couple days ago just so I can use Colors! Can't wait for my R4, and can't wait to see more DS speedpaints from you :)

Ken said...

wow I may have to get a DS

Anonymous said...

I'm just a random google visitor and just want to say I do like and admire you are a true artist. I came here searching for totally different thing and ended up bookmarking your blog and viewing all your paintings.

C.Deboda said...

No layers and undo functions?? Hmm...that's tough. Oh well, might as well give it a shot. Everyone else seems to be doing cool things with this program.