Friday, November 04, 2005

Hamburg Animation Award 2005

I recently got a message from a fellow student of the German Film School. He said that I should go to the Hamburg Animatinon Award (November 3rd), cause their short film 'Rough Approach' was nominated and made it to one of the best 10 short films out of 60 submissions. Since I live in Hamburg I decided to go to the movie theater 'Streit's' where the event was going to take place, knowing that I could enter only with an invitation, which I didn't have.

At the entrance I talked to the bouncer and said that I studied together with the makers of 'Rough Approach' and that I came to take photos for the German Film School. He hesitated a bit but then he said that I may not enter but I could wait, and hope that there will be some seats left. And after a while, when the show was about to start he let me in. There where a couple of free seats left. The show started immediately with an opening speech. After a lot of talking, the moderator said that there should be a list of the 10 nominated short films next to our seat where you could vote for your favourite film. I took it out and looked at the list...and guess what. My thesis short film 'Interview with Carl Hawkins' was nominated as well ^^. I actually didn't know that and was really surprised. I didn't get any information about that. So my lying at the entrance was not necessary ^^; And surprisingly the animated short 'BBQ Beast' (I animated some scenes for that short)was nominated too....
'Rough Approach' made it to the third place! Congrats to the Team, it was well deserved!

I also met some familiar faces. It was a nice get-together ;)
I had a great time today full of surprises ^^ The world is sooo small....

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