Thursday, November 03, 2005

My Red Colt

So this is my old red friend. My Mitsubishi Colt, year of construction 1992.
Now he slowly shows symptoms of old age. His front left tire loses air. I have to refill it at least once in two weeks. But that is only the smallest problem. Even he is a bit old he has a anti-theft device installed. So I have to push a little codekey in a key sensor to disable this device. It used to work the last 3 years. But since the beginning of this year it seems to have a loose connection. I have to move and twist the codekey in the sensor many times to disable the device...Anyways I wanted to refill the front tire today. I jumped into the car and plugged in my codekey. But nothing happened. So I began with the twisting. This time I needed over 10 minutes to disable the anti-theft device! Then I wanted to start the engine and you'll probably know what happened...the Battery was empty....I coudn't even start the car T.T
After a little pause I tried starting the engine the anti-theft device was activated again...and I nearly exploded. I tried to disable the device for another 5 minutes but without luck. So I just went inside again.

I'm greatful that my COLT did manage the last 3 years though ^^
I think I owe him at least a new battery.

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