Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Values and Proportions

Wow...I can't stop watching those training DVD's...I can learn so much from them.
Today I watched 'Painting the Adult Male Head: Monochromatic' the second DVD of Bob Kato. I was just sitting there watching the first two tutorials with my jaw dropped on the floor. While the other tutorials were running, I tried to apply what I've just learned on my own painting. And I have to say, it worked pretty well. I felt very comfortable painting this head fom scratch.

Key points:
- Starting out fast and loose
- Start with a midtone
- Use an average dark for the shadowside
- Use a darker dark for the darker shadows
- Use a average bright for the highlight areas
- Use a brighter bright for the brighter highlights
- Make soft and hard edges and add details

I also learned a lot about proportions again.

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Mark McDonnell said...

Nice sketch. And. . . I love the icon.