Tuesday, November 29, 2005


When I was browsing through my folders, I've found this.
I used to do some collaborative images with Stephan Stoelting (a great concept artist and fellow student from the German Film School).

I opened up photoshop and started to blog in some shapes and passed it over to Stephan.
He continued adding shapes and colors. Then he passed the Photoshop file back to me again and I continued....also known as Photoshop tennis ^^
We continued taking turns until we switched the painting 5 times. And the painting was finished. It was really fun cause we didn't know how the painting will turn out.

For example: Stephan blocked in the silhouettes of two buggies jumbing over a hill from right to left in the second step. But when I got his picture I interpreted those silhouettes as some kind of flying saucers. He was really surprised when I gave him the new file. 'what did you do to my buggies!? ^^' he said... ^^;

At the end we where really glad how it turned out. We called this painting 'Wohoo!'
Hope to do more collaborative paintings in the future.


Patrick Morgan said...

Really great work man. Beautiful.

Okha said...

Amazing! I love also the story behind the painting.