Saturday, December 24, 2005

Class Reunion 2005

I graduated highschool in 2000 and yesterday we had a class reunion. We were about 90 graduates and around 30 came to the reunion last night.
It was really fun to see all the familiar faces again and some people I hardly recognized by the first look.
I spend the whole night talking and my food which I ordered got cold ^^;

It was so interesting to hear about the different paths of each one of us. Some were completely unexpected. Definetly the most interesting class reunion we had until now.

Many thnx to the organizer.
It was a great event!

And Merry Christmas everyone!


Gulzar said...

“I always wanted to go to an animation college…. *sigh*”
Say! How about your college, do they take folks who cannot speak German?
It's nice to see all your works works shows that you really like to explore...Keep it up! Keep maturing…n growing…

blabla said...

Hey gulzar! If you are interested in studying at the German Film School you should be able to speak German. We have some lectures in English as well but our main language is German.