Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Japanese Class Reunion 2005

Wooow that was so amazing! Just came back from the Class Reunion of the Japanese school . We used to go there every saturday here in Germany. We know each other for more than 20years now! It was so awesome to talk about the stuff we did together back at school. Damn we were some big trouble makers ^^
The most surprising thing was that we met at 3PM and talked until 11:30PM non stop. The time was running so fast...and we laughed so much. I'm pretty sure I'll have sore muscle in my cheeks and belly tomorrow...

Here is a little comparison. The upper picture was taken about 20 years ago when we were in the first grade. The second was taken today.

It was so much fun! I miss you guys already ^^ we have to do that again sometime!


Anonymous said...

didn't laugh that much lately...,
thnx for organizing!

Sandra Khoo said...

Woo! I like reunions.
Thanx very much,Goro! HAppy hols and a Happy New Year to yas! :D

Gulzar said...


lovely to see you here...
keep smiling n working friend...

blabla said...

I think we all organized it.
Nina did the biggest part I guess ^^ Do you have sore muscle? I do ^^; my belly hurts a bit...

happy hols and a Happy New Year to you too!

akemashite omedetou gozaimasu?
not yet but in a couple of days ^^