Wednesday, December 14, 2005

King Kong

So I went to the movies the other day to watch King Kong and I must admit I was amazed by the believability of the Kong character. He was so real that I forgot that he is a computer generated character. By far the most realistic cg character I've ever seen.

The flow of the story was a bit slow at the beginning and some parts where too exaggerated but these are the only things I could criticize. The movments of Kong where so ape like with a lot of emotions. The Animation was fantastic.
I also liked the cast.

I think what Peter Jackson has pulled out of the King Kong story is really amazing and the movie shows us the next step in Visual effects.


Anonymous said...

ja schade, dass du schon drin warst. wollt dich schon fragen, ob du ihn mit mir anschaust. lg, anna

blabla said...

hehe cool! Wollte den Film sowieso nochmal anschauen, also sag einfach bescheid! ;)