Friday, February 10, 2006

Amazing Short Film "Cubic Tragedy"

Found this today on Wolf's blog! This is a 3D animated short by Chung-Wan Sun and Ming-Yuan Chuan called "Cubic Tragedy". This is one of the best Ideas I've seen in a while. You should be familiar with common 3D Software to get all of the jokes and if you do, OMG it's so awesome! I had to laugh really hard.
This little short made my day!
Check it out here. Scroll down and you can download various Hi-Resolution versions.


rebound said...


lunatik said...

A great short indeed! I remember a few months ago when I saw it thanks to CGTalk. If it wasn't for the front page link I would've definetely missed it. Worth watching, especially for us 3d guys.

Nathan Lindsay said...

that was hilarious.