Sunday, February 05, 2006

Box Lifting Animation

No pic today... ^^
I have a little animation to show I did in my free time. Wanted to do a little animation test for my Reel.
I used the awesome LowMan Rig of Miguel Gonzalez Vine for the animation.
Click on the image below to see the animation. (Quicktime required)


Unknown said...

very nice animation!! Good sense of weight!

Stephen said...

great work! very good key poses and a natural feeling of rythm to the action! said...

Great animation, excellent blog!

J said...

Yeah I agree. Beautiful sense of the weight on the uptake and nice fluid transition to the settle.

Boris Hiestand said...

VERY nice shot.
love the little shoulder thing. Yeh- that one.

lunatik said...

Nice animation.
The only critique I have is: at the beginning, when he is stretching his hands... I can't feel he's flexing them. Maybe if he held that pose a bit longer.


KEWL! Post more of these!

blabla said...

thnx everyone!

Glad you noticed the shoulder ^^

thnx for your crits

I'll try ^^;

Anonymous said...

hi goro,

looks nice. but the cube looks heavier
than it is to the guy. but only a little. i can imagine its a very hard animation and its already convincing...
and no armflipping :-)

greets F.