Monday, April 17, 2006

Cat Bot

Ben Plouffe inspired me to try pastels. And I have to admit I did miss the undo function ^^;
But I had a lot of fun drawing with pastels.
There is also a bit of photoshop involved for the little touch ups.


Benjamin Plouffe said...

nice.. keep doing them..
Man its soooo weird one of my frist pastel paintings i did over a month ago included cats like this!! haha. I never scanned it though. It turned out horrible. But i think i might just scan it for fun now lol

Anonymous said...

beautiful work - love the pastels. cats and bots are just fun, no?

Kei Acedera said...

yeah really like the rawness pastels can bring..

Unknown said...

Ooooh WOW!! You have posted 3 new awesome paintings!! THese are all very beautiful ... I love this robot piece, there is a sweet story to the painting!

Unknown said...

Buena,buena...he puesto link en Perejilpuntocom.

Saludos :)

blabla said...

Thank you everyone!

I'll try to do some pastels from time to time. It's fun indeed. And show me your cats. ^^

Yeah....just can't get rid of my bots..They are a part of me I guess..

hehe somehow I have to keep up with you. Everytime I visit your blog you have 20 new awesome sketches. ^^;

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