Saturday, April 29, 2006

To The Next Step!

I'll drive to Stuttgart in a couple of hours...Since I'm gonna move there
for at least 4-5 months I need to take a lot of things with me.
Still need some time for packing.

I have to abandon my good old Mitsubishi Colt T.T
Live long and don't give up!

...Hay fever is killing me thesedays. Hope it's gonna be better soon...

Allright, I will have some breakfast then I'll finish my luggage and
let's go to Stuttgart!
Over and Out!


ALL said...

Gute Reise, Goro!
Liebe Grüße, Anna und Max

blabla said...

Danke! Bin heil angekommen ;)
Jetzt nur noch eine Wohnung finden.

ALL said...

und? wie is es? mail mir mal deine neue adresse...

Rikki said...

So pretty!

Unknown said...

Fun comic!! Best wishes!