Sunday, April 23, 2006

WinAmp vs iTunes

Which software do you use to hear your music?
I was always a big fan of WinAmp. But I recently found out that my winamp doesn't support 5.1 speaker systems and even when I use headphones the Soundquality wasn't so good. I thought that my sound file was broken, or I had turned on the WinAmp Equalizer (which I didn't), but when I played the same file with iTunes the sound was perfect. Anyways, I never used iTunes cause I found it uncomfortable and kind of slow... But in the last few days I tried to understand the workflow of iTunes and it's amazing. The Libary system is very cool. I see a lot of advantages of this program. Now I know why many friends of mine are using iTunes.


Unknown said...

WOW!! Nice variety of arts!! HE ! HE!! I vote for iTUNES!! As a matter of fact, I vote for APPLE!! MAC Rocks!!

Used to have to had a PC at home for work and Maya stuffs

Hey!! Now that Mac can run Window XP and Maya, and play PC games ... Err ... Bye Bye to PC for sure!! For me anyhow ... LOL

YOu have to check out the iTune store, amazing FREE Pod cast radio ... many cool googies there. Sign up for the music store is FREE!!

blabla said...

thnx Alina! hehe OK I'll check it out! ^^v

Anonymous said...


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