Monday, May 22, 2006

Dino Strider

I think we (Felix and I) finally found an apartment. Yey! But we still have to sign the contract. It's a tiny apartment in a town close to Ludwigsburg where we work. The location was nice and it's only 7minutes by car to Ludwigsburg.

Here's a quick painting I did after work!



love it. man. Definitely one of my favorites.

Harry "Hare" Sanchez said...

I agree with ree. Some really magical stuff there.


Cale Atkinson said...

Gorgeous work as always Goro!! Did ya get to do this one on the super screen too?
Keep up the inspiring work! Cant wait to see more!
Oh and you HAVE to start posting these big enough to post as backgrounds! that or secretly send me some big enough to be my desktop!

blabla said...

thnx guys!

Nope this time I used my good old laptopscreen ;)
Hehe I think about the desktop wallpaper thing ^^

Unknown said...

WOW!! beautiful, very appealling story moment in the painting!! Love it!

Urban Barbarian said...

That's an after work painting....? I'm going to kill myself now. I hope you're happy!